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His hand closed upon the knife; he raised it, glanced at it, and let it fall, with a shudder.
He remembered that the night before he had forgotten, for the first time in his life, to hide the fatal canvas, and was about to rush forward, when he drew back with a shudder.
The searchlight followed her, and a shudder ran through all who saw her, for lashed to the helm was a corpse, with drooping head, which swung horribly to and fro at each motion of the ship.
The storm was fearful, and as it boomed loudly among the chimney pots, it made me shudder.
He had evidently, as the doctor said, fallen back in the seat in some sort of fright, for there was a look of fear and horror on his face that the men said made them shudder.
She had started with an irrepressible shudder, as if the stroke of the bell had fallen directly on her heart; then, recovering herself, while her attendants were yet in dismay, she took the lead, and paced calmly up the aisle.
Sydney, June 27( ANI ): Australia batsman David Hussey is hoping young fast bowler Patrick Cummins' devastating spell of 3 for 26 in the final warm-up match before Friday's one-day series opener at Lord's, would send shudders through the England camp.
A man is walking down the street a long street street long as breath a small man he is alone a woman is walking down the street the same street but far from him a small woman she is alone they are dressed in no particular style the face of a man the face of a woman who have learned not to reveal themselves he is bent she is bent each under the weight of a bundle wrapped and tied with rope looking neither left nor right Passing beside some tall buildings each stops shifts the weight looks up a giant shadow he shudders an almost imperceptible she shudders each resumes walking
One shudders to imagine the consequences had not the highways authority undertaken the urgent repairs.
It's a series of shudders on the hill by the trees that are
As our earth shakes and shudders with the upheavals of this past year, we can feel the movement echo through our own deep center.
Pursuits ashore, especially in the Philippines, will bring back smiles, shudders and nods from many veterans.