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noun A popular term for a psychiatrist, short for ‘headshrinker’
verb To become reduced in size


Vox populi noun A psychiatrist

Patient discussion about shrink

Q. After Taxol/Carbo, then Alimta, treatments stopped because tumors no longer shrinking. Anything else to try? I was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer about 6 months ago. Because of the weakness of my lungs due to advanced COPD, the Oncologist ruled out surgery & radiation so Chemo was the only alternative. I am now under Hospice care.

A. this is a question that the oncologist should answer...there are a lot of chemo treatments out there- but not always firring to the type of lung caner. but i'm sure he would suggest them...
look- there's some treatments in clinical trials. check them out maybe there'll be something for you. look under the topic "research":

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When immersed in hot water following vacuum sealing, the Shrink PS labels conform and shrink with the bags and packaged products to deliver a smooth finish, without the wrinkling sometimes associated with labels applied by hand to packaging after it has been vacuum-packed and shrunk.
The labels conform with the bags and packaged product for a smooth finish without the wrinkling sometimes associated with labels applied by hand to the packaging after its been vacuum packed and shrunk.
shrank \'shra[tailed n]k\ or shrunk \'shr[schwa][tailed n]k\
However, if the part has shrunk too tightly onto the core, a number of potential part-removal problems can loom, says Allen.