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noun A popular term for a psychiatrist, short for ‘headshrinker’
verb To become reduced in size


Vox populi noun A psychiatrist

Patient discussion about shrink

Q. After Taxol/Carbo, then Alimta, treatments stopped because tumors no longer shrinking. Anything else to try? I was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer about 6 months ago. Because of the weakness of my lungs due to advanced COPD, the Oncologist ruled out surgery & radiation so Chemo was the only alternative. I am now under Hospice care.

A. this is a question that the oncologist should answer...there are a lot of chemo treatments out there- but not always firring to the type of lung caner. but i'm sure he would suggest them...
look- there's some treatments in clinical trials. check them out maybe there'll be something for you. look under the topic "research":

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Since 1990s, China heat shrinkable materials industry has been in a stage of rapid development.
Shandong Fuwei developed its propriety PETG heat shrinkable label films through years of independent R&D.
We can have our tree, an extreme dry spell and shrinkable soil and not suffer from the differential settlement.
Axon is a leading designer and manufacturer of heat shrinkable sleeve labeling systems, as well as other integrated packaging products and solutions for Fortune 500 companies and other firms that specialize in the production of food, beverage, health & beauty aids, household goods and pharmaceuticals.
Limited Tenders are invited for Markers/Ferrules Computer Generated On Heat Shrinkable Pvc Yellow Sleeves For 1.
The new print-in-seal Cryovac[R] SPF25 shrinkable top film features excellent transparency and high gloss.
In the study, label converters said pressure-sensitive labels have migrated to non-pressure sensitive heat shrinkable labels (43%), in-mold labels (29%) and non-pressure sensitive wraparound non-shrink labels (28%).
WrapidSeal is a wrap around heat shrinkable sheet that has been specifically designed for protection of buried and exposed manhole structures.
Division products include power cable splices and terminations, including cold and heat shrink technologies; cable arc and fire resistant tapes; heat shrinkable tubing and molded shapes for electrical insulation; electrical and electronic specialty insulating tapes; electrical wire connectors; wire terminals, tools and lugs; wire marking products; cable ties; underground/underwater electrical system products; and electrical diagnostic and detection products.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing of insulating bus bar, made from 11KV/22KV XLPE cable after removal of semi conducting layer and applying o PVC heat shrinkable sleeves of R,Y,B colours on both end terminal using aluminium long barrel 185 mm2 lugs aluminium bus connector under piplod division.
Tyco Adhesives has been providing products and solutions to its customers for over 50 years, Globally, Tyco Adhesives is the largest manufacturer of heat shrinkable coatings, PE Pipeline coatings and PE Coated cloth tapes.
This is one of six patents involved in Viskase's ongoing suit against American National Can ("ANC") alleging infringement relating to heat shrinkable films for fresh meat, processed meat and poultry applications.