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noun A popular term for a psychiatrist, short for ‘headshrinker’
verb To become reduced in size


Vox populi noun A psychiatrist

Patient discussion about shrink

Q. After Taxol/Carbo, then Alimta, treatments stopped because tumors no longer shrinking. Anything else to try? I was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer about 6 months ago. Because of the weakness of my lungs due to advanced COPD, the Oncologist ruled out surgery & radiation so Chemo was the only alternative. I am now under Hospice care.

A. this is a question that the oncologist should answer...there are a lot of chemo treatments out there- but not always firring to the type of lung caner. but i'm sure he would suggest them...
look- there's some treatments in clinical trials. check them out maybe there'll be something for you. look under the topic "research":

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The "floatable" labels have a positive effect on sustainability efforts while offering shrink performance and optical film clarity, making them a win for brand owners and the environment.
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The Dem 2 Combo Shrink System feature a heavy-duty magnetic hold down mechanism that helps ensure consistent seal pressure and dependable results, plus the tunnel chamber has been increased by four inches in length to maximize shrink performance.
The latest Matrix machines save energy by using a special shrink wrap process developed by Linkx Systems that pre-stretches the shrink film before applying it to the product.
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3 : to refrain from doing something especially because of difficulty or unpleasantness <He did not shrink from telling the truth.
The result is shrink holes, located between the tin dendrites that solidify first.
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