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appearance of blood forerunning labor or menstruation.
bloody show vaginal discharge of blood-tinged mucus; it usually means that the cervix has dilated somewhat and the onset of labor is imminent.
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1. An appearance.
2. First appearance of blood in beginning menstruation.
3. Sign of impending labor, characterized by the discharge from the vagina of a small amount of blood-tinged mucus representing the extrusion of the mucous plug which has filled the cervical canal during pregnancy.
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1. First appearance of blood in beginning menstruation.
2. Sign of impending labor, characterized by the discharge from the vagina of a small amount of blood-tinged mucus representing the extrusion of the mucus plug that has filled the cervical canal during pregnancy.
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Q. My friend’s son is showing the signs of autism? my friend’s son is showing the signs of autism. I went to his house as his grand mom was ill. His son behaved very differently which irritated everyone at home. He was constantly disturbing every one. He was disturbing grandma after very many advises. I doubted him to be autistic but his family members behaved with him very badly that his mom beaten him up with big stick to calm him down. I was shocked with her behavior but was helpless at that time. To my knowledge he showed clear symptoms of autism as he cannot communicate well and cannot follow the instructions. He lacks eye contact too. He is 10 years. Is my assumption correct?

A. it doesn't matter if you are right or not. this kid is not supposed to get bit up with a stick. no child should. it's even horrifying to hear about it. what you should do is call "child wale fair" and report of that incident.

Q. How a cancer can show the signs of pregnancy? My friend had a miscarriage in her second pregnancy. She is now 39. Now some lump is found in her uterus and after diagnosis it was found to be a cancer of the uterus. Before these all came in picture, all was going well for her. She had her tests done and was found with a good rise in her HCG levels. She started expecting again. As she was having severe nausea, she was taken to the hospital. She had severe anemia. But soon after some tests and ultrasound a cancer was found. I mean how a cancer can show the signs of pregnancy?

A. A molar pregnancy is a mass of tissue (hydatidiform mole) that forms an abnormal placenta inside the uterus. Even though it is not an embryo, a mole triggers symptoms of pregnancy. And the pregnancy test will result in positive value also. About 1 out of 1,000 women with early pregnancy symptoms has a molar pregnancy. your doctor will do the test to determine whether it is only a molar pregnancy or it is a trophoblastic cancer.

A molar pregnancy triggers the same first-trimester symptoms that a normal pregnancy does (a missed menstrual period, breast tenderness, fatigue, increased urination, morning sickness). It may be diagnosed during an early ultrasound test. In addition to normal pregnancy signs, a molar pregnancy usually causes additional symptoms, which can include:
Vaginal bleeding, a bigger size uterus that is abnormally large for the length of the pregnancy, severe nausea and vomiting, pelvic discomfort.

If you are diagnosed with a molar pregnancy, you will need immed

Q. My sister is showing signs of depression and lost interest in the studies also. My sister who is brilliant right from her school days is now diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Though she is intelligent she has always led her life as a perfectionist. She expects 100% perfection not only in her routine activities but also in the academics. I remember an incident which took place when she was in the middle school. She has never missed to score full marks in mathematics but once she did score only 95%. Though she has committed mistake and lost marks, she felt bad for so many days. Though we have tried to convince her, she never got convinced and was normal only when she secured the full marks in the next examination. Last year she has appeared for a competitive examination but was declared fail. From that day on, she is showing signs of depression and lost interest in the studies also. Of late she gets in to severe mood swings and when consulted with the physician he has concluded this to be bipolar.

A. Bipolar disorder is not something that you can just diagnose over the phone...i think you should first consult a psychiatrist and hopefully he'll meet her and give a diagnose...cause there are several things that may cause mood swings and depression. and even if she has only depression- there is a different medical protocol for it then bipolar.

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In fact, stripping performances of "showiness" is integral to all ARTSHIP pieces, which aim to create connection rather than place performers on a pedestal according to their ability to wow an audience.
In the same room Damien Hirst's preliminary study Memento, 2007, for his 'sculpture' For the Love of God, reminds the visitor of his critique on the 'showiness' of the Church.
Forget the skilled showiness of the US efforts, our first 9/11 movie is a knackered, tapedtogether thing with a wobbly wheel.
Yet without showiness, the engineering supports the 'single stroke of the pen' to achieve a beautifully straight cornice line along the vast building elevation.
For his roles of Theseus and Oberon (especially the latter) he played up the showiness with wonderful aplomb, relishing the lyricism and the speechifying grandiloquence in ways that fit perfectly with the utter flamboyance of Oberon's costume (a shaggy, bright orange flounced cloak worn like plumage over a layer of orange and black spandex).
But some of the confidence--can we say showiness?--of the satirist comes across as he sets about demolishing the work of these earlier researchers: "outlandish and egregious hypotheses" (p.
(82) Are they playing to contradictory expectations of feminine propriety and Native "showiness"?
Jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa) Despite the showiness of its whorls of golden flowers, this Mediter-ranean perennial is reliably heat-and drought-tolerant.
Gaylin concludes this chapter by highlighting Austen's description of Elizabeth and Darcy's relationship as one based on "confidence," suggesting that Austen promotes the private communications of the Darcys as a more successful model of relational happiness than the public showiness of the Wickhams.
Emphasizing authenticity over the showiness of Soviet folk choruses, he stressed the necessity of learning to sing from and with village practitioners, since the rules for singing were not conscious ones that could be learnt.
As the expectations of our gardens shift away from productivity and showiness, rather than fading away, they are being replaced by new and equally valid purposes.
Although the piece could easily tempt pianists into a certain showiness, Jitka Cechova keeps all three movement of the cycle intimate in expression.