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A surface against which an object may rest to gain support.


A structure on which another structure rests or is supported.

basal seat

Tissues in the mouth that support a denture.

bathtub seat

1. An assistive technology device that helps people with functional limitations to bathe. Some seats have modified features to help people transfer in and out of tubs, pools, or showers. Synonym: bath bench; shower seat
2. A device for bathing infants.


Infant drownings have occurred during bathtub seat use.

elevated toilet seat

Raised toilet seat.

raised toilet seat

A device for raising the height of a toilet to facilitate use by persons with limited strength or movement. Synonym: elevated toilet seat

rest seat

An area on which a denture or restoration rests.

shower seat

Bathtub seat (1).


A surface against which an object may rest to gain support.
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As she sank into the hard plastic shower seat, Rider felt the rush of water running into her eyes and down her face.
com/SwanTransferShower) designed to facilitate the transfer from a wheelchair onto a shower seat.
Contract awarded for folio 06255-12 / shower seat, wheelchair / chs / /
A If you feel that you are unsteady on your feet, a shower seat might be a better idea.
s Ableware[R] shower seat with removable back and arms assists in sitting or standing.
For example, its adjustable bath and shower seat is constructed of a plastic monoblock with large handles, and a molded-in storage area.
They outfitted the bathroom with handrails, a shower seat and other needed modifications.