shoulder girdle

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an encircling or confining structure.
pectoral girdle shoulder girdle.
pelvic girdle the encircling bony structure supporting the lower limbs.
shoulder girdle (thoracic girdle) the encircling bony structure supporting the upper limbs.
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pec·to·ral gir·dle

the incomplete bony ring, formed by the clavicles and the scapulae, which supports the upper limb, attaching its appendicular skeleton to the axial skeleton (manubrium sterni).
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shoulder girdle

The pectoral girdle, especially of a human.
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shoul·der gir·dle

(shōl'dĕr gĭr'dĕl)
The bony ring, incomplete behind, which serves for the attachment and support of the upper limbs. It is formed by the manubrium sterni, the clavicles, and the scapulae.
Synonym(s): pectoral girdle, shoulder complex (3) .
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shoulder girdle

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However, during forehand strokes the highest values of angular velocities were found for angular velocity of shoulder girdle rotation towards the non-playing side.
And strengthening exercises for spinal extension, shoulder girdle retraction, and glenohumeral lateral rotation should also be done on a regular basis.
Though serratus anterior paresis is commonly thought to be the main offended musculature resulting in musculoskeletal asymmetry/abnormalities, other muscles of the shoulder girdle may be affected resulting in presentations.
Finally, the trapezius, levator scapulae, rhomboids, and serratus anterior muscles stabilize and position the scapula and shoulder girdle, and are therefore very important to the swimming stroke.
Many other helpful resources are cited within its pages, and it also has a series of appendices that catalogs and lists the bones and bony landmarks of the body for dancers, including leg and foot, leg and thigh, hip and pelvis, spine, shoulder and shoulder girdle, and forearm and hand.
This pain often originates from prolonged muscular imbalances in the shoulder girdle. If the muscles of the shoulder girdle are consistently contracted, elevating the shoulders and curling them forward, they will become fatigued and form painful knots.
This programme focused initially on improving glenohumeral joint motion and scapular retraction before progressing to strengthening exercises for the musculature around the shoulder girdle. At one-year post-intervention, operative treatment was found to be no better than physiotherapy.
The Tiktlik pelvic girdle was nearly identical in size to its shoulder girdle, a tetrapod-like characteristic.
Shoulder Girdle. Patient 3 presented with a winged scapula (scapula alata) as one of the first symptoms in childhood which revealed noticeable general weakness and led to the diagnosis of PD.
Twelve fresh frozen matched cadaveric shoulders of 6 cadaveric specimens with no documented history of rotator cuff disease, arthritis, or prior shoulder girdle injury or surgery were analyzed.
The entire shoulder girdle must be unsupported off the edge of the operating table.
[2-5] About one-third of all desmoid tumours are extra-abdominal, with the majority of these occurring in the shoulder girdle or pelvic region.