shotgun approach

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Malpractice A strategy by a plaintiff’s legal team in a civil action involving multiple potential defendants, in which all possible parties are named in a shotgun-like manner
Medspeak A diagnostic philosophy, method or technique in which every conceivable parameter is measured, especially in a patient with an obscure disease, to detect rare conditions, that may cause a particular symptom
Molecular biology Shotgun sequencing

'shotgun approach'

A diagnostic philosophy in which every conceivable parameter is measured, especially in a Pt with an obscure disease, to detect rare conditions that may cause a particular Sx. See Defensive medicine. Cf Screening.
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A company shotgun approach to development will send a message to multi-unit franchisees that they may be on their own without valuable support which they pay for in ongoing royalty fees.
Not knowing your strengths often turns your marketing effort into a shotgun approach, which leads to too many crucibles in the melting department.
Over the past few years, malware attacks have evolved from a sawn-off shotgun approach, where a virus is released into the wild with the objective of infecting as many computers as possible, to a sniper approach, where Trojans are specifically crafted to spy on a particular company or even an individual.
We're using a shotgun approach at this point in time, not a rifle approach," said LaGrange.
At Snow Hill, we use a combination of Winged-T, West Coast, and Wish Bone, all rolled up into a shotgun approach.
It was a good example of the shotgun approach some lawyers take, and when the judge took his first look at the case, Hoffman was immediately dropped from the claim.
What happens in Northern Ontario is we tend to try the shotgun approach to everything when there's something we have a natural affinity for and we need to be the best at those things.
In the May issue of Nature Biotechnology, scientists report on the sequencing of the 30-million base-pair genome of Phanerochaete chrysosporium strain RP78 using a whole genome shotgun approach.
We used a shotgun approach then, but now we need to use a rifle.
Because RNA degrades rapidly, it is not practical to sequence whole genomes using this approach, but it is essential for validating the accuracy of the sequences derived from the shotgun approach.