shotgun approach

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Malpractice A strategy by a plaintiff’s legal team in a civil action involving multiple potential defendants, in which all possible parties are named in a shotgun-like manner
Medspeak A diagnostic philosophy, method or technique in which every conceivable parameter is measured, especially in a patient with an obscure disease, to detect rare conditions, that may cause a particular symptom
Molecular biology Shotgun sequencing
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'shotgun approach'

A diagnostic philosophy in which every conceivable parameter is measured, especially in a Pt with an obscure disease, to detect rare conditions that may cause a particular Sx. See Defensive medicine. Cf Screening.
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In the absence of a clear vision for the game, they've taken the shotgun approach: throw as much as you can into it, and hope some of it hits the mark.
"Bounties tend to be a shotgun approach that doesn't put pressure on predators where it is needed most: he says.
The magic shotgun approach has already yielded two potential drugs, called AD80 and AD81, which in fruit flies were more effective and less toxic than the drug vandetanib, which was approved by the U.S.
* Do you recommend using a shotgun approach to deploy CDS or do it gradually?
For the first time, the city's presence at Cannes has been co-ordinated by Marketing Birmingham and a "shotgun approach" aimed at talking to as many potential investors as possible has been replaced by a more targeted agenda.
" In this case the government seems to be taking a shotgun approach by ordering ISP's to stop routing all networks," BGPmon said.
This time, authorities used a shotgun approach, with 800 federal agents and police officers making scores of simultaneous arrests.
Regrettably, the ONC has taken a shotgun approach, launching all aspects of many programs at once, rather than in a slower, more logical sequence.
Recruiters are so aware of students taking a shotgun approach to application.
Not intended to be another management Bible, The Little Big Things takes a shotgun approach, cataloging 163 ways to pursue excellence.
Of course, with a specific IgG food allergy panel and an individualized desensitizing rotation diet, each patient can be more specifically and better served with a quicker and more positive outcome, rather than just using a shotgun approach. Regardless, enough sleep, a varied diet, healthy bowel evacuation habits/functions, along with an active lifestyle is a prescription of help for these kids with ADHD,
There are two basic approaches to marketing: the all-encompassing shotgun approach, and the more affordable, effective, measurable strategy, niche marketing.