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The incident marked the first time in half a century when a Nato member shot down a Russian plane, raising the threat of a military confrontation between the alliance and Moscow.
As for a claim for damage to the drone that has been shot down, Goldsmith says, there might be some coverage under a hull policy, but most drone owners and operators purchase both liability and hull coverage.
Lieutenant colonel Farzad Fereydouni, a commander of the air defense unit in the western province of Kermanshah, said Saturday that the drone was on a spying mission and was shot down.
Shot Down moves history out of the footnotes into reality, keeping the stories of real people alive as they experience being shot down.
Moscow claimed MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian military jet while Kiev said Russian separatists in the region shot the plane down.
The Malaysia Airlines aircraft was shot down with a ground-to-air missile that caused the plane to crash and killed everyone on board.
Experts who concluded the first stage of the investigation had uncovered evidence indicating that the aircraft was shot down, the U.
Flydubai resumed flights to Ukraine on Saturday, two days after MH17 was shot down.
Major: Well, the Chernukhino lads shot down the plane.
Just over two hours later it was apparently shot down near the rebel-held village of Granobo, 25 miles from the Russian border.
Pro-Russian separatists have denied they shot down the plane.
LF MP Antoine Zahra, meanwhile, said the drone would not be allowed to fly over Mrab, north of Beirut, anymore because it would be shot down by guards protecting Geagea's residence.