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Arthur E., English surgeon, 1834-1895. See: Durham tube.
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Despite its popularity in the past, the genetically true Milking Shorthorn breed is currently listed as critically endangered by The Livestock Conservancy.
Ian and his mother, Mary, along with sister Wendy Young, were showing their Churchroyd partnership pedigree Dairy Shorthorns. And after consecutive 35 years at the Great Yorkshire they recorded their best-ever results by taking both the champion and reserve breed titles.
The Beef Shorthorn cattle, originally from North Yorkshire, have brought a different dimension.
NAGP scientists have made special efforts to collect genetic material from cattle that could be designated as native Shorthorns. In 2006, NAGP animal physiologist Phil Purdy traveled to Nebraska to collect genetic material from 15 bulls in a large Shorthorn herd.
There are a large number of popular beef breeds in America today, including three British breeds (Hereford, Shorthorn and Angus) and many European breeds, Nationwide, Angus have the most numbers.
The farm population will also include a llama, Kerry bog ponies, Egyptian geese, Chinese silky bantams and Shorthorn and Dexter cattle.
The judges for the Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey and Jersey classes will be casting their professional eyes over breeds during the sixth annual event on September 11 at Telford International Centre.
In-calf heifers (6) sold to PS1,750 for a Shorthorn cross from 15 Achnairn, Lairg.
In the Beef Shorthorn ring, a top price of 15,000gns went to the overall and junior champion, Podehole Landmark, from the Horrells at Podehole Farm,Thorney in Peterborough.
* SHORTHORN. Shorthorn cattle are a good dual-purpose breed, meaning they have beef conformation but are also good milkers.
A great show of native cattle were presented by all exhibitors for the show with smashing examples of Angus, Shorthorn, Luing, Galloway, Highland & Blue Grey brought out and all were a credit to their respective owners.
The final picture concluded with a plea from Elizabeth, a rare-breed Dairy Shorthorn cow, for consumers to support Britain's hard-pressed milk producers.