shortening reaction

short·en·ing re·ac·tion

the adaptive shortening of the extensor muscles of the limb of a decerebrate animal when the limb is extended after it has been flexed. Compare: lengthening reaction.
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Compared to current methodologies that require the use of pre-functionalized starting materials, the development of general and efficient catalytic C-H activation systems could significantly reduce the amount of waste generated in synthetic reactions by (1) using readily available starting materials (2) shortening reaction sequences and (3) avoiding the stoichiometric generation of metal salts default to synthesis that rely on the use of pre-functionalised building blocks.This project aims at the development of catalytic systems for the formation of biaryls by the direct coupling of two arenes via double C-H activation.
TopDeck allows the pilot to directly control cockpit tasks on his display, using an intuitive Cursor Control Device (iCCD) also the first of its kind on a helicopter, thus reducing workload, shortening reaction time and increasing safety, the company said.
For security operators, the Proximex Surveillint and Barco CMS integration will enhance the decision-making process by increasing situational awareness and shortening reaction times through the sharing of video and Surveillint consoles on a single Barco video wall display, or, across multiple similar displays located remotely.