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denoting electromagnetic radiation of wavelength greater than that of the red end of the spectrum, i.e., of 0.75–1000 μm. Infrared rays are sometimes subdivided into long-wave or far infrared (about 3.0–1000 μm) and short-wave or near infrared (about 0.75–3.0 μm). They are capable of penetrating body tissues to a depth of 1 cm. Sources of infrared rays include heat lamps, hot water bottles, steam radiators, and incandescent light bulbs. Infrared rays are used therapeutically to promote muscle relaxation, to speed up the inflammatory process, and to increase circulation to a part of the body. See also heat.

in·fra·red (IR, ir),

That portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths between 730 and 1000 nm.


That portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths between 770-1000 nm.


the electromagnetic radiation in the region between red light and radio waves. see ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM.

infrared (IR)

Radiant energy of wavelengths between the extreme red wavelengths of the visible spectrum and a wavelength of a few millimetres. The wave band comprising radiations between 780 and 1400 nm is referred to as IR-A. Excessive exposure to these radiations can cause visual loss (e.g. eclipse blindness) and cataract. The waveband comprising radiations between 1400 and 3000 nm is referred to as IR-B. Excessive exposure to these radiations can cause cataract and corneal opacity. The wave band comprising radiations between 3000 and 1 ✕ 106 nm (or 1 mm) is referred to as IR-C. Excessive exposure to these radiations can cause cataract (heat-ray cataract). See eclipse blindness; absorptive lens; infrared optometer.
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The President for Infrastructure and Defense Products (IDP) group of Qorvo - James Klein commented, The acquisition of GreenPeak Technologies will complement Qorvos market-leading high power RF portfolio with innovative ultra-low power, short-range wireless personal area network (WPAN) SoCs, ZigBee and Bluetooth solutions.
Dialog Semiconductor plc (FRA:DLG.F), a provider of highly integrated power management, audio, AC/DC, solid state lighting and short-range wireless technologies, announced today a partnership with Richtek Technology Corporation (TSE:6286), a provider of high-performance power management, analog and mixed-signal products.
The SCL3710 is a new short-range wireless connectivity technology enabling contactless payment and information exchange using mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices.
Bluetooth, the new global specification for short-range wireless connectivity, allows portable and stationary communication devices to be connected to each other without a cable.
Jayanth Krishna, Head of Short-range Wireless Business at Mindtree, said, "Integration of Intellectual Property from various providers can be risky and time consuming.
WA100-DUAL is a Dual-mode Wi-Fi short-range wireless companion product to the PRO3 device family.
today announced a global distribution agreement with Low Power Radio Solutions (LPRS), Europe's leading manufacturer of short-range wireless devices.
It is suitable for applications that operate under the European ETSI EN300-220, the North American FCC (Part 15), and the Chinese short-range wireless regulatory standards.
Under the partnership the companies will combine BrightCom's IntelliBLUE family of Bluetooth application processor integrated circuits with SMART's capabilities in designing and manufacturing OEM products in order to develop communication products that bring short-range wireless connectivity to a range of devices such as computer accessories, digital peripherals and handhelds.
Jayanth Krishna, Director - Short-range Wireless, Mindtree, said, Product and device companies need chips that are highly programmable with built-in Bluetooth wireless to build high quality products quickly.
Its expertise ranges from short-range wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and HomeRF to full wireless local area networking.
Jayanth Krishna, Head Short-range Wireless, Mindtree, said, For 15 years, Mindtree has been at the forefront of Bluetooth innovation.