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Etymology: AS, sceort
the fraudulent practice of dispensing a quantity of drug less than that called for in the prescription and of charging for the quantity specified in the prescription. See also kiting.


A form of health fraud committed by a US pharmacy, in which fewer pills or lesser amounts of a drug are dispensed than specified on the prescription form.

Patient discussion about shorting

Q. How tall(short) do you have to be to be considered a midget? How can you tell if a child/teen is just short or if they have stunted growth or something like that? When should you be worried? And if their growth is stunted, will this cause them any health problems later on in life?

A. hi i am wont weman
sexy iam love sxe

Q. can anyone say what short term effects of alcohol are? I often read about the long term effects of alcoholism. But can anyone say what short term effects of alcohol are?

A. POWER123 is right,but im going to add one more---drinking and driving is a short term effect of drinking/DEATH can also be a short term effect?---mrfoot56

Q. I do have a good diet and don’t feel any short in nutritional intake. I do have a good diet and don’t feel any short in nutritional intake. Generally I sweat a lot and at times feel very tired when I sweat in excess. Do I get tired with sweating or is there anything that I need to know?

A. I do believe that excess sweating burn calories. When ever your body heats up, you burn more calories. That is half the purpose of "diet" pills. It increases circulation, increases heart rate, and it takes energy for your body to release sweat. The exact amount of extra calories you burn, I do not know. I used to wear "sweat bags" when I was younger to make weight for sports and it seemed to do wonders, so if you think it helps that’s all that matters.

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And I have never understood the purpose of those three quarter length shorts that finish around mid calf.
5 : less than the usual or needed amount <Fruit was in short supply.
These shorts get posh feel from prim pockets, cute cuffs and chic fabric.
Gone is the literary tradition that nurtured the likes of lames Baldwin, Countee Cullen and Richard Wright, who often earned a living writing short stories and essays for periodicals of their day.
Not only did these texts--and our progression through them--complicate students' notions about gender, race, and ethnicity, they also served to complicate their understanding of the generic variations of the short story form.
The corporation did not attempt to make an S election for a tax year immediately following a short year.
Andre Turpin's acclaimed sophomore effort and multi-Prix Jutra Award-winner Un crabe dans la tete; Catherine Martin's stark and beautiful first feature Mariages; Denis Chouinard's complex immigration drama and award-winning debut feature L'Ange de goudron; ever iconoclastic experimental documentary filmmaker Donigan Cumming's gripping and disturbing My Dinner with Weegee; political activist and veteran director Pierre Falardeau's surprisingly nuanced patriot drama 15 fevrier 1839; photographer and music video director Lyne Charlebois's brilliant first short fiction Quel jour etait-ce?
Collegiate features practice shorts of textured poly mesh, mesh pants with full tricot lining, and embroidered tees in short-sleeve and sleeveless styles.
The short fiber used for the test was nylon short fiber of 0.
The seller can then borrow up to 95% of the short sale proceeds to diversify.