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But no; with a quick upward movement of the left arm Sir Henry interposed his shield between himself and the axe, with the result that its outer edge was shorn away, the axe falling on his left shoulder, but not heavily enough to do any serious damage.
The Caesar's pageant shorn of Brutus' bust Did but of Rome's best son remind her more.
The delight of the Nobility and Gentry shorn of a bonnet which a Lady Mayoress might have sighed to wear, and arrayed in a white sheet as a spectacle of mortification and humility
A capacity crowd saw over 1,200 sheep shorn at last weekend's event, which this year is a Welsh qualifier for the 2008 world championships alongside Corwen Shears and The Royal Welsh Show.
Natalie was keen to master the modern approach to shearing, which demands a specific stance and foot movements to enable the sheep to be shorn as quickly and as professionally as possible.
Tuesday will be used as a training day by the British Wool Marketing Board and 250 sheep will be shorn - some in as little as 45 seconds.
The weather in the two weeks prior to shearing undoubtedly has an effect on the way the wool comes off, but any sheep producer should be able to make an assessment once the first few sheep are shorn.