shonishin (shō·nē·shēn),

n pediatric acupuncture techniques such as tapping, scraping, or rubbing with rounded or blunt instruments rather than needles. “Children's needle” was developed in Japan in the mid-1700s in the Osaka region and remains popular today. See also acupuncture.
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Cases are provided throughout, with 25 new cases in this edition, as well as updated treatment descriptions; a new chapter on the treatment of headaches; more treatment information and examples; practical skill development information; and new information on using shonishin to treat emotional and affective problems, combining it with other treatments like Bach flowers and Chinese herbal medicine, and using shonishin with Meridian Therapy root treatment.
College of Acupuncture, Norway) explains the use of shonishin, a non-insertion acupuncture technique used with infants and children.