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ROSC positivity and good neurological outcome rate of the patients having shockable rhythms was 48(76.
If the evidence supports an argument that the victim's physical symptoms were consistent with a shockable rhythm only after or shortly before paramedics arrived, the defense will claim that something the paramedics did or didn't do--not the health club staff's failure to use defibrillation--led to the victim's injury or death.
Fully automatic AEDs immediately defibrillate any shockable rhythm that is detected.
Hypothermia between 32[degrees]C and 34[degrees]C was recommended as a Class I indication in the 2010 guidelines for shockable rhythms.
In Seattle, for example, the overall survival rate for all SCA patients is 16 percent, which jumps to 40 percent when only including patients in a shockable rhythm.
The biggest trial so far, the TTM trial, showed no difference between therapeutic hypothermia and normothermia in cardiac arrest patients with an initial either shockable rhythm or non-shockable rhythm.