shipping fever

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shipping fever

Any of various viral or bacterial diseases contracted by cattle and other ruminants especially during shipping or similarly stressful situations, characterized by fever, lack of appetite, and coughing.


1. movement of any livestock to packing plant or feedlot; usually refers to long distance transport by rail.
2. slang phrase for sale to market or packing plant for immediate slaughter. The choice for the outcome in a damaged animal may be to treat or ship.

shipping fever
see bovine respiratory disease; equine influenza.
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HOWEVER, both Leadon and Paltridge agree that while the risk of shipping fever can be minimised, it cannot be eliminated.
These are the first genetically engineered vaccine strains for shipping fever that have been made without using foreign DNA or a marker for antibiotic resistance, says Tatum.
ULUNDI'S recovery from a bout of shipping fever that forced him to miss the Hong Kong International meeting is put to the test when he begins his campaign for major honours at Sandown today.
Webber said: "Ulundi suffered a bad bout of shipping fever but is now eating well and his temperature has come down and stabilised.