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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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He, after some talk, goes home, and the shepherds go off to seek and count their sheep, agreeing to meet again at the "crooked thorn.
Soon the shepherds find that one sheep is missing, and suspecting Mak of having stolen it they follow him home.
But, to make an end, not many months had passed after he returned from Salamanca, when one day he appeared dressed as a shepherd with his crook and sheepskin, having put off the long gown he wore as a scholar; and at the same time his great friend, Ambrosio by name, who had been his companion in his studies, took to the shepherd's dress with him.
Oh," said the goatherd, "I do not know even the half of what has happened to the lovers of Marcela, but perhaps to-morrow we may fall in with some shepherd on the road who can tell us; and now it will be well for you to go and sleep under cover, for the night air may hurt your wound, though with the remedy I have applied to you there is no fear of an untoward result.
The appearance of the red-nosed man had induced Sam, at first sight, to more than half suspect that he was the deputy- shepherd of whom his estimable parent had spoken.
Stiggins suddenly recollected that he had a most pressing appointment with the shepherd, and took himself off accordingly.
Why do I secretly give Miss Shepherd twelve Brazil nuts for a present, I wonder?
Miss Shepherd being the one pervading theme and vision of my life, how do I ever come to break with her?
He would be a very lucky man, Shepherd," replied Sir Walter; "that's all I have to remark.
Mr Shepherd laughed, as he knew he must, at this wit, and then added--
Now it happened once that the shepherd came to the country where the shepherdess lived.
But one evening when the moon was full they sat together watching their flocks, and the shepherd played upon his flute.