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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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The Red Shepherdess, Hannah Jackson said: "This event wasn't about making women stronger - women are already strong.
Ben Fogle, who featured Amanda and her family in his show New Lives In The Wild, has said: "She, like her life, is extraordinary." But the down-to-earth shepherdess insists: "I'm not Wondermum!
Owen, who left her urban home in Huddersfield for the great outdoors, inspired by the James Herriot books she read as a child, has now written her own third book, Adventures Of The Yorkshire Shepherdess, accompanied by a theatre tour which brings readers up to date with life on the farm at Ravenseat.
STUNNED shepherdess Amanda Owen has another head to count - she's discovered she is expecting child number NINE.
Assembler-modeler Uta Apel put together a shepherdess figurine from separate anatomical pieces, each fashioned from hand-rolled clay.
"Taking on another shepherd or shepherdess will allow us to manage the flock seven days a week so that the habitats and wildlife have the maximum opportunity to renew and thrive.
Or become a shepherdess, wandering." That's "Bates Hotel" actress and Emmy nominee Vera Farmiga, answering The Hollywood Reporter's question: "If you stopped acting what would you do with the rest of your life?"
Meanwhile, a shepherdess, Dorinda (American soprano Amanda Forsythe), is also in love with Medorojealous of Angelica and Medoro's alliance, Orlando falls into madness, imagines himself following the lovers into the underworld and threatens suicide.
WILD SHEPHERDESS WITH KATE HUMBLE (BBC Two, Friday, 9pm) THE star of Lambing Live bought a farm in Wales two years ago and became totally fascinated by the bond between shepherd and flock.
In the tale "The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep", Hans Christian Andersen tells a good-humoured story of the two porcelain figures that stand on a table in the fine living room and that fall in love with each other.