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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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femur, with fracture 1 Fibrous Dysplasia with shepherd's crook deformity 1 Simple Bone cyst of prox, Femur 1 Osteoid osteoma prox.
Surprise number two was when he gave me a tutorial on shepherd's crooks.
The baby Jesus asleep in your arms In the Sunday school play, And me with my shepherd's crook And a flock of stuffed lambs around me - I didn't think you'd ever be able to stand me, But here we were married and happy.
Owain, who was on hand to present James with a locally made shepherd's crook during the announcement on the Wales YFC stand at the Royal Welsh Show, reflected on his experience to date, saying: "The time has flown by - it's been a great learning curve for me and I'm sure James will enjoy it too.
Trailing 3-0 Mills gave the shepherd's crook first to Javan Vidal, throwing on Wes York in his place, before moments later hauling off Blaine Hudson to send on striker James Gray.
Churchgoer Ken Baxter tried to hook his Shepherd's crook around her neck.
Only a parkie's whistle, a shepherd's crook or megaphone from a boating pond would get us off.
BRITISH Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) stalwart Stephen Ballinger was presented with a retirement gift of a shepherd's crook at this year's Great Yorkshire Show for 50 years' service.
First sign of a wobble and out comes the big shepherd's crook.
But, as Cliff's inexorable medley of greatest hits wore on and no Lord Alan Sugar appeared from the wings to yank him off stage with a giant shepherd's crook, I realised that this was actually happening - although it seemed to be making time slow down to a molasses-like crawl.