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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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This was a case of fibrous dysplasia with shepherd's crook deformity.
"Then, as you end the journey, somebody hauls you in with something resembling a shepherd's crook to make sure that you land safely on the other side - assuming, of course, you haven't had a heart attack in between.
What if a potential Glenn Hoddle has been lost to the nation because his parents have forced him to spend his leisure time crouched pointlessly over an upturned shepherd's crook instead of doing what comes naturally?
Nor shall the shepherd, resting on a trunk, play his rustic pipe, with his dog at his feet and his shepherd's crook at his side.
The Fairie Lantern ($45), with its shepherd's crook base, stands just 12 1/2 inches high.
It was a joy to revisit the frieze-inspired shepherd dances; and the boyish solo for Daphnis with his shepherd's crook was uniquely suited to Bruce Sansom's unaffected style.
The baby Jesus asleep in your arms In the Sunday school play, And me with my shepherd's crook And a flock of stuffed lambs around me - I didn't think you'd ever be able to stand me, But here we were married and happy.
Create a team of your best "birdie" buddies and register for Shepherd's Crook Golf Course's Wild Turkey Shoot.
After the presentation, Colin showed the children a locally-crafted shepherd's crook, sourced from wood in the Tundergarth area, which will be going on the journey to America with the cyclists and back-up team.
MARY Berry swapped her spatula for a shepherd's crook to lead 20 sheep across London Bridge yesterday.
For now the calls for Adams to get off the stage are fairly muted, but if he hangs around too long he could face the shepherd's crook.