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sheltie, shelty

a common name for the Shetland sheepdog.

sheltie eye anomaly (SEA)
see collie eye anomaly.
sheltie syndrome
see epidermolysis bullosa.
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Redditch Sheltie Rescue Centre took Pet in and in turn contacted sheltie owners Diane and Graham Moore, of Foxton Road, Ernsford Grange, who have two shelties, Blu and Laddie.
sheltie rescue program that rescues and cares for Shetland
Shelties are small family pets and they are never allowed out of the garden without us.
Your sheltie counts as pure bred if all his recent ancestors were shelties.
A wealth of nursing informatics information and two Shelties, complete with wagging tails
George Page of Maryland, who has had dogs under Adkins' care in the past, said she has bred Shelties and handled several breeds of dogs for clients.
We raise American Eskimos, Shelties and Bichon Frises so far and are in the process of building a large, mostly indoor kennel.
While plenty of people still share in the fun via our hugely popular Sheltie Planet Facebook Page, the new forum provides a better platform for in-depth discussion, questions and answers, and personal stories of Shelties past.
But her parents, who favor shelties, told her she could get whatever kind of dog she wanted - after she moved out of the house.
Shelties have such good natures we can go out together and enjoy the walk.