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sheltie, shelty

a common name for the Shetland sheepdog.

sheltie eye anomaly (SEA)
see collie eye anomaly.
sheltie syndrome
see epidermolysis bullosa.
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The dog now lives with another 3-year-old Sheltie named Teddy, a boy and his mother in a happy home.
They had their dogs - they met at the Wayne Morse Farm off-leash park with his sheltie named Cody and her two big dogs, Marley and Kawliga.
Nevertheless, the author does convincingly place the minstrel Richard Sheltie as someone able to cross between the two worlds of, on the one hand, something like a 'praise singer' in the partial employ of the Stanley family and, on the other, an Autolycus-like figure, an itinerant pedlar, ballad singer, and, quite possibly, ballad seller-gestour and jester, as Taylor phrases it.
Rory the Sheltie asking to come in to cool down, pic by Glenda
My family and I are very active in competitive dog agility, and we have two Australian shepherds and a sheltie.
Dog Trots Globe: To Paris & Provence" as Sheron Long discusses how she and her husband sought to visit Paris and brought their 9-year old sheltie with them, and how their dog had the time of its life in the process.
He was a lovable little sheltie who was due to be called Rusty but he turned out darker than we expected.
Pets usually make suitable subjects for portraiture, and visitors will delight in Jean Coulthard's pastel and pencil collie, Sheltie, and in similar medium, her Burman Cat, with super-realist eyes.
Vicky Brown and her Border Collie dog Mouse have been visiting Willow Grange for four years, while Pat Jarret and her Sheltie dog Deano have been attending for two years.
A sheltie is another name for which two types of animal?
7 Reggie the Sheltie celebrates with Rockingham Park horsemen Bruce Breton and Arthur Brewer the donations collected during the Rockingham Park Pet Food Drive over the July 4 weekend.