sheltered workshop

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1. the meeting of a group of people for a specialized purpose such as having a discussion, learning something, or studying something.
2. the place where such a meeting is held.
sheltered workshop a facility where individuals with handicaps are employed to produce a product, to socialize, and to increase their sense of self worth.
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Parent, Hill and Wehman (1989) outlined the key aspects of facility conversion from sheltered workshop operations to supported employment services.
We have attempted to trace the roots and relationships of supported employment in terms of traditional sheltered workshop services.
Organizational change issues, particularly in terms of management and supervision, have received attention in describing the conversion of sheltered workshops to supported employment (Jacobson, 1987; Parent, Hill & Wehman, 1989).
Sheltered workshop study: workshop survey: Volume I.
To select candidates for the study, rehabilitation counselors at the sheltered workshop were asked to identify clients whom they believed would be interested, and could benefit from, participating in a nutrition education class.
Professional skill levels of sheltered workshop staff: Selection criteria and post-employment training.
The inherent concern is whether an adult service agency can be both pro-community employment and operate a sheltered workshop (Mank and Grossi, 2013; Murphy and Rogan, 1995).
The blaze was set off by an explosion in a storage room of the charity-run sheltered workshop, then engulfed the facility in Titisee-Neustadt in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany.
"Worse, our investigations over the past year concluded most of these facilities do not teach marketable skills or prepare workers for any type of meaningful work outside of the sheltered workshop," Decker adds.
He lives at home with me, but has a job in a sheltered workshop and gets himself to and from work on his own.
Berwick Lib Dem Mr Beith told Work and Pensions Minister Anne McGuire that the closure of the Ashington factory would cause huge problems for disabled constituents in his constituency who used the Remploy sheltered workshop in Ashington.
It comes after Torfaen County Borough Council said it will close a sheltered workshop in New Inn, Pontypool by the year of the year, with loss of 35 jobs.