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1. A linen or cotton bedcovering.
2. Something that resembles a sheet (e.g., a sheet of connective tissue).

beta sheet

A protein structure in which parallel layers of linked peptides are folded across each other. This structure is characteristic of amyloid proteins.

draw sheet

A sheet folded under a patient so that it may be withdrawn without lifting the patient. This is accomplished by turning the patient to the side of the bed to allow one side of the sheet to be removed and replaced with a clean one. The patient is then turned to the other side of the bed. The soiled sheet is removed and replaced with a clean one. In most inpatient facilities, draw sheets have been replaced by paper and plastic pads that resemble disposable diapers.

face sheet

A one-page summary of important information about a patient. It includes patient identification, past medical history, medications, allergies, upcoming appointments, insurance status, or other pertinent information.

fee sheet

Fee schedule.

flow sheet

A representation in outline or picture format of a technique or treatment.

lift sheet

Sheet folded under a patient over the bottom sheet to assist with moving the patient up in bed.

Patient care

The use of a lift sheet can reduce friction and shear on the skin, thus decreasing the likelihood of developing pressure ulcers.

run sheet

A standard document used by first responders and other emergency medical service care providers that documents the patient's chief complaint, history, physical examination, provided services, and clinical course during transportation to a medical center.
Synonym: prehospital care report
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