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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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When the gang stepped out of the store, they saw Bernard Bahury, a Portuguese sheepherder, crossing the street in front of them.
The sheepherder was more tolerant of Avrom Berkovitz's diatribes than his nephew, the melamed, but like everyone else, he was busy getting ready for Passover and didn't have the patience to listen to the butcher spewing more of his political rant.
Long after the flesh had vanished a sheepherder found it at Deep
We have sheepherder dogs--driver nodes which are pretty good at controlling the herd with the help of a few leader female sheep.
Caught another one, Product 6: Sarandon models the role of commonsense sheepherder for pharmaceutical paradigms.
Meanwhile, sheepherder Tim despairs of the dreary war of the cupcakes.
Leonis, a Basque sheepherder, amassed great wealth from real estate, litigation and a dowry and came to be known as the "King of Calabasas," ruling a large portion of the Valley.
I try to remember the god's face, but there's no time to contemplate: The man forces my head downward and runs the blade down from the top of my head with the practiced efficiency of a sheepherder.
Those lessons would now prove valuable as Jay struck up a conversation with the sheepherder, Gilberto, who hailed from southern Mexico.
The sheepherder turned grocer on New York's bustling Lower East Side and the German-speaking Joseph and his siblings were educated in New York public schools.
Mad About Ewe", A documentary on the life of a sheepherder who sleeps with his flock.