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Any of various blood-feeding often wingless flies of the family Hippoboscidae that are parasitic on sheep, deer, and other animals.
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Kendrick Extrication Device



A vest-type immobilizer designed to limit movement of the cervical and thoracic spine in seated patients with suspected spinal cord injuries.
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Sheep ked is a flightless insect parasite that infests the skin of sheep and hides in the wool.
Sheep keds had never been observed on sheep by the attending veterinarian.
melophagi, which was recently isolated from sheep blood and sheep keds (10; M.
Sheep keds are wingless and live amongst the fleece; Keds carry a sophisticated heat-seeking device which enables the insect to lock-on to the body heat of a bird in just the same was as the Exocet, Sidewinder and Scud missiles; The ked made a bee line for my whiskered face
Melophagus ovinus, commonly called a sheep ked, is a hemophagous ectoparasite of sheep (5).