sheep dip

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sheep dip



Any of various liquid preparations containing pesticides into which sheep are dipped to control external parasites.


member of the species Ovis aries. They are classified into several types including merino, shortwool meat breeds, longwool, carpetwool, fat-tail, wool-shedding, Karakul. All domesticated types are characterized by a wool fleece.

Bighorn sheep
carpetwool sheep
includes blackfaced mountain, carpetmaster, drysdale, elliottdale and tukidale.
Dall sheep
sheep dog
sheep dip
see dip.
dual-purpose sheep
breeds generated to provide meat and wool. Include charollaise, corriedale, cormo, dormer, gromark, perendale, polwarth, zenith.
easy-care sheep
fat-tailed sheep
sheep-goat hybrid
mating and fertilization can be achieved but the fetus dies early or is aborted.
heafed sheep
sheep such as Herdwicks and Swaledales in the UK that graze the same area of unfenced hill area without shepherding, year after year, and teach this behavior to their lambs. Also called hefted sheep.
sheep itch mite
see psorergatesovis.
sheep ked
see melophagusovinus.
sheep loco
sheep measles
see ovine cysticercosis.
meat sheep
includes English Longwool breeds (see under wool sheep below) and shortwool or Downs sheep, e.g. southdown, suffolk, hampshire, oxford down, dorset horn, poll dorset, ryeland, shropshire and charollaise, cheviot, clun forest, colbred, columbia, coopworth, dormer, dorper, many indigenous fat-tailed and fat-rumped breeds, finnish-landrace, north ronaldsay, wensleydale.
sheep nasal bot
sheep pox
sheep sorrel
sheep tick
sheep ked. See melophagusovinus.
wool sheep
includes australian merino (including a wide range of strains and types especially booroola and comeback), cormo, corriedale, polwarth, sharlea, american rambouillet and English Longwools such as lincoln, leicester, border leicester, cheviot, coopworth, romney marsh.
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Mrs Bradbury's father, Brian Warrington, who runs a nearby farm, joined the hunt and went to the sheep dip.
It is clear that it is not only farmers using sheep dips who have been affected.
She reckons she was exposed in 1989 when sheep dip washed into her boots.
The Environment Agency also plans to introduce a new standard permit for disposing of sheep dip that has been treated with enzymes to destroy toxic compounds.
HUNDREDS of lamb carcasses about to enter the food chain had to be thrown away after it was discovered the meat was from animals recently put through a sheep dip.
Blended Whisky and Sheep Dip Malt to Move to Admiral Imports
BAPTISMS in a sheep dip are proving popular at a Coventry church.
There's hair remover, flea powder, axle grease, anti-freeze, engine oil, sheep dip, pigs pills, nail varnish, curry powder, toothpaste and after sha ve.
A RACEHORSE trainer who almost died after swigging from a whisky bottle full of sheep dip is looking forward to toasting his recovery with a drop of the real stuff.
With improved water quality, growing fish stocks, the removal of pesticides in sheep dip and persistent chemicals on crops that can take 30 years to biodegrade, our latest survey shows that nearly 90% of these sites now have otters.
Among the obstacles in store for anyone brave enough to take up the challenge will be a cargo net, water run, sheep dip and The Wall.
3kg), Sheep Dip Whiskey (5cl) and Wensleydale Cheese (500g).