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Matter or tissue that covers in the manner of a sheath, overlying tube, or scabbard.
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The 58-year-old stand-up comedian's debut as creepy undertaker Iain Duncan Sheathing signals the end for one of the show's best-loved characters.
Mr Sheathing has moved in and it looks like he's staying.
[1], the role of the sheathing wall is the critical part for lateral resistance of CFSF buildings.
In one of the 20 new homes in Montana, a sheathing moisture content (MC) as high as 47% was observed in February, but that had dried to 18% in April and 7% in July.
Nine 50 mm (2 in.) diameter disc-shaped gravimetric samples and two electric moisture content probes were used in the OSB and fiberboard sheathings to monitor moisture content.
For one thing, the insulating sheathings are different thicknesses than the traditional sheathings, and they don't provide nail bases for finishes.
([double dagger]) Yes, they have heating seasons in the south--for a couple of weeks, bad golf weather--but long enough to cause problems with water sensitive sheathings. You need the gap, baby, and drying needs to happen into the gap from both sides.
Sheathings such as plywood, OSB and gypsum with The Layer are going to be around a long time.
One of the dirty little secrets that never gets talked about is that water leaks through building papers, building wraps and housewraps and runs down between them and the sheathings that they cover.
If you tape or seal the joints of foam sheathings, they can also act as water control layers.
* Change from plywood sheathings to oriented strand board (OSB) sheathings;
Today's sheathing and cladding (aka, "weatherboarding") appear to be descended from the original timber frame vertical plank infill.