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Matter or tissue that covers in the manner of a sheath, overlying tube, or scabbard.
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Results from an experimental test by Desmarais (2000) using Montreal winter conditions showed that winter diffusion results in an approximate moisture content of 12% in wood framing and fiberboard sheathing components.
Moisture content monitoring was performed in the stud, the bottom plate, and the sheathing of each wall by both gravimetric and electrical resistance methods.
The sheathing moisture content results for the first four weeks of testing for OSB wall 1, plywood wall 2, and asphalt-coated fiberboard wall 3 are shown in Figures 9, 10, and 11, and those for the studs and the bottom plate of wall 1 are shown in Figure 12.
It can also be observed from Figure 12 that during the first day of the wetting phase, a rapid increase in moisture content of over 55% was experienced by the wall 1 bottom plate gravimetric samples at the center of the horizontal surface and center vertical surface adjacent to the sheathing and also by the electronic probe located to the left of the wall centerline at a depth of 6 mm (1/4 in.
With regard to the fiberboard sheathing samples in wall 3, the specimen located at the center of bottom row D started at a moisture content of 10.
Again, this occurrence may have been due to the manipulation of the insulation during the test, which may have affected the physical contact, or lack thereof, between the insulation and the sheathing.
The wick and the adjacent sheathing can be protected to ensure that the insulation does not affect the water migration.