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Matter or tissue that covers in the manner of a sheath, overlying tube, or scabbard.
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"Global Exterior Sheathing Market to Reach US$ 8.8 Billion by 2024, Stimulated by Demand for Products with Lower Environmental Impact - IMARCGroup"
Lastly, the effects of sheathing thickness and fastener spacing on seismic fragility of steel-sheathed CFSF buildings were discussed.
What if I have a vapor permeable sheathing such as gypsum board?
AdvanTech's innovative Zip System is a revolutionary exterior sheathing system that has been proven to help improve a home's comfort, energy efficiency, and overall build quality.
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation (LP) (NYSE:LPX) stated on Wednesday that it broke ground on a project that will add a FlameBlock Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing line at its Clarke County, Alabama oriented strand board (OSB) mill.
If our hunch is correct, joints in the sheathing will correspond with the moisture, and the sheathing will be damp.
A partially sheathed house has plywood, OSB, or other structural sheathing just in some areas, while a fully sheathed house has structural sheathing over the entire exterior.
For starters, the International Residential Code now requires a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane applied directly to the sheathing for the first 3 feet of the roof, which then requires cobbling together a ramp to bridge the bump between the membrane and the existing shingles.
It turns out that the bacterium that causes leprosy directly damages a protective sheathing, made of the protein myelin, around many nerve cells.
It is operated using pushbutton controls mounted in the sheathing. Mixer controls also are incorporated directly into the sheathing enclosure.
However, as most quaking mouse nerve fibers have a minimal sheathing with myelin, the scientists had to create focal areas completely denuded of myelin by injecting lysolecithin before transplantation.