shearing force

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shear·ing force

(shēring fors)
Action in opposite directions within the same plane, but not collinear, causing one portion of an object to slide, displace, or shear with respect to another portion of the object
[M.E. scheren, fr. A.S. sceran]


energy or power; that which originates or arrests motion or other activity.

electromotive force
the force that, by reason of differences in potential, causes a flow of electricity from one place to another, giving rise to an electric current.
moment of force
the effect of a force exerted on a lever and about a fixed point.
reserve force
energy above that required for normal functioning. In the heart it is the power that will take care of the additional circulatory burden imposed by bodily exertion.
shearing force
a force exerted perpendicularly to a horizontal surface.
Van der Waals f's
the relatively weak, short-range forces of attraction existing between atoms and molecules, which results in the attraction of nonpolar organic compounds to each other (hydrophobic bonding).
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Although shearing force can be measured more easily and directly than chemical composition, little information is available about the relationship between shearing force and nutritional value of stylo.
Where: Fs max is the shearing force in N; and A is the cross-sectional area of the stalk at shearing plane in mm2.
Figure 8 shows the shearing forces and bearing reaction force of bearing 7.
Abstract: Structural sufficiency of an industrial hydraulic shear to safeguard quality of the cuts is investigated by 3D finite element modeling of base and guillotine of the machine tool Shearing forces are calculated analytically and rams as well as guillotine hinges are represented by calculated actions and reactions accordingly.
And, of course, those polymer chains also have to be able to link back up after the shearing force has been withdrawn so the mucus can re-adhere to the foot.
Sierra has recently introduced the T700 SL self-loading and unloading shear/baler/logger, which offers 700 tons of shearing force.
5 provides close clearance between its two open framed blades and the inner walls of the vessel, it creates a strong shearing force resulting in high-quality small batch mixing, kneading and dispersion.
Shearing force describes the force required to fracture a plant when applied at 90 degrees to the plant surface and has been used to physically characterize forages (Mackinnon et al.
Depending on the required precision, effect of shearing force and rotatory inertia on the free vibrations of grillages can either be excluded or included in the composition of the canonical equations that arise with this displacement method.
The specially designed rotor of the QC-Mill creates a strong centrifugal and shearing force inside the mill.
In order to study the effect of stem linear density on shearing force, the relationship between shearing force and stem linear density was investigated in this study.
The high shearing force was produced with a Polytron mixer (Brinkmann Instruments) employing a type PTA45/2M generator.