shear thinning

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shear thin·ning

decreasing the viscosity of a polymer or macromolecule or gel by increasing the rate of shear; not ordinarily a function of time.
See also: thixotropy.
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MFC has high viscosity and yield stress, it is shear thinning and has high water holding capacity.
For the first group of CRPPs, it was demonstrated that, depending on the starting virgin resin, it was possible to produce CRPPs having the same zero-shear viscosity (and therefore the same [[bar.M].sub.w]) but varying degrees of shear thinning behavior due to varying PDIs.
The larger the die and/or the greater the variation in part thickness, the more the effects of shear thinning affect the flow.
In addition, EPDM 1 demonstrated a greater degree of shear thinning compared to EPDM 2.
This complex behavior consisted of the following steps: (i) a shear thinning response for increasing shear rates; (ii) a marked increase of viscosity on shearing above a certain shear rate that depends on the temperature; (iii) an uncontrolled increase of viscosity during shearing at the maximum shear rate, that is, 500 [s.sup.-1]; and (iv) a shear thinning behavior in the down-curve in which the viscosities are higher than in the up-curve.
For the same PVA content, curves are superimposed and present a Newtonian behavior at low shear rate followed by a slight shear thinning starting around 10 [s.sup.-1].
8 also indicated that the shear thinning behavior was increased with the increase in water contents which might be due to high number of droplets resulting aggregate formation and with the increase in shear rate the aggregates were deformed at low shear rate and then disintegrated.
The study is restricted to the laminar and transition regimes with shear thinning fluids, which are typical conditions of polymerization reactions.
Therefore, the result indicates that all the samples show a large shear thinning behaviour.
DUO-VIS has the unique ability to produce a fluid that is highly shear thinning while developing a true gel structure.
Since all the values of n produced by the three fluid models are less than 1, then it is a shear thinning fluid or so-called, pseudo plastic fluid.
Effects of shear thinning for Gelatin reactive formulation is shown in fig.