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Cecil Gordon, 20th-century Canadian physician. See: Shaver disease.
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The increasing urbanization level, growing housing industry, and up surging disposable incomes are the key drivers for the global shavers market.
Shares of different product segments of the overall electric shaver and hair care equipment market, 2007, 2013 and 2018
Shaver - an otherwise healthy 56-year-old patent draftsman, husband and father of two, former Springfield city councilor, blues musician, swing dancer and all-around practical joker - had a rare form of leukemia, one that comes on suddenly and can kill quickly.
95 USB rechargeable shaver features charge indicator light.
It is important for the package to be displayed face up and face forward, Yde says, because rechargeable shavers are often unplanned purchases.
Braun Series 7 Shaver Named Best Electric Shaver Series 7 shines at the GQ Magazine Grooming Awards
If we can sell to young guys now, we can get them to buy electric shavers from us as they grow older, too.
The Wirral-based Shavers has been training five days a week for the last few months in the wooden hut that is Wallasey ABC and says he has finally learnt how to punch.
Shavers said: ' Mike was a good fighter but he had no heart, and when people were not afraid of him, they beat him.
Remington is known for its television commercials in which former chairman Victor Kiam boasted: ``I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company.
The group said it has in the past called on the immigration authorities to allow inmates to use their own shavers, but there has so far been no improvement.