sharpening technique

shar·pen·ing tech·nique

(shahrpĕn-ing tek-nēk)
Procedure used to maintain the sharpness of a cutting edge on an instrument that is used for scaling. There are two versions: stationary and moving techniques.
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If you get our American Handgunner TV DVD (see the full page add in this issue) you'll find this is the exact stone used to do the handy "Two-Quarters" sharpening technique.
Extrusion Dies Industries will show new specialized coatings for film and sheet dies, including a sharpening technique for tungsten carbide coatings on BOPET dies and a corrosion resistant ceramic coating for use with PVC.
The best sales pitch is to demonstrate the correct sharpening technique.
You can't always match blade angles with jigs, so if you want an exact match, use the traditional sharpening technique with a sharpening stone.
Each layer in which high-pass filtering is applied needs to be changed from Normal mode to Overlay in the Layers palette in order to achieve the benefits of this sharpening technique.
Hu-Friedy states the cards are available in extra fine, fine and medium grits, and are used with the same sharpening techniques as traditional sharpening stones; no oil is necessary for lubrication during sharpening procedures as the cards can be used dry or, if preferred, with water.
These images are so free of noise that aggressive sharpening techniques can be applied to reveal details only hinted at in the best images of the film era.
The sharpening techniques utilized are - Low Pass filter (utilized by NASA), UnSharp Mask, and Threshold.
From how to retouch portraits and color correct any photo to using sharpening techniques and handling common digital image problems, this offers a survey of some fine workarounds to common issues and offers a host of easy techniques Photoshop Elements 8 users will relish.
The company claims to be the first to employ surgical sharpening techniques that yield scary sticky points.
The device employs a combination of advanced de-noise, gamma and color correction algorithms to reduce color noise without removing details, and image sharpening techniques to minimize color aliasing.