sharpening stone

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shar·pen·ing stone

(shahrpĕn-ing stōn)
Natural or synthetic stone composed of abrasive particles used to restore a sharp cutting edge on a calculus removal instrument.
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This protocol can now be used in future studies to examine different types of scalers and curettes of various materials as well as different types of sharpening stones.
This study determined differences between the Arkansas sharpening stone and the Idahone ceramic sharpening stone in producing a sharp cutting edge on dental curets, as well as differences between the degree of root smoothness achieved by the sharpened curet cutting edges on extracted human teeth.
Should you wish to carry it afield though, it is fully up to the task and comes with a sturdy leather sheath complete with an India sharpening stone in a secure pouch.
For hand clippers, you need a sharpening stone with both coarse and fine surfaces, and light machine oil to moisten the stone.
Tender are invited for Supply of plumbing items- Screw (Wooden) IY2,Screw (Wooden) Y2,Screw (Wooden) 2,Screw for Iron (full thread) %,Screw for Iron (full thread) %,Screw for Iron (full thread) 1,Screw for Iron (full thread) 1 %,Screw for Iron (full thread) 2,Screw with nut 2,Screw with nut 2 1/2,Eye Hook Screw,Electric Plane (Randa) (Anand),Plane (Randa) Ordinary 14,Plane (Randa) Blade 14,Sawr (Kurat),Chisel 1,Chisel 11/2,Grind Stone (Sharpening Stone),Block Board Plywood (BlueFox/MerryGold) -8ft x 4ft - 19mm thick,Block Board Plywood (BlueFox/MerryGold) -8ft x 4ft - 12mm thick,Block Board Plywood (BlueFox/MerryGold) -8ft x 4ft - 6mm thick,Block Board Plywood (BlueFox/MerryGold) -8ft x 4ft - 4mm thick,Sunmica -8ft x 4ft - (Cream Colour) 1mm
CRKT delivers the Redemption with a first class black nylon Molle sheath with a plastic insert to hold the knife tight, and further accoutered with leg straps and a pouch for a sharpening stone or folder.
You'll need a bench grinder with a 100-grit wheel, some wet/dry sandpaper, a sharpening stone (with one medium side and one coarse side) and a lubricant.
To keep blades sharp, use a small sharpening stone as shown at left.
All of this punkery comes with a MOLLE-compatible black ballistic nylon sheath and incorporates a pouch for storing a sharpening stone, magnesium firestarter, decent sized folding knife, or whatever other survival good you may want to pack in.
On May 14, 2002, Cartwright bought a lock knife, a sharpening stone and screwdriver for his work.
Police who searched the flat found a knife sharpening stone on top of a cupboard and a black handled knife in a fireplace while another knife was found in a nearby garage.
Keep a sharpening stone or set of ceramic rods on the countertop as an invitation to Visitors to see, stop, talk about and buy a sharpener - or a new knife.