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Dental preparatory procedure in which a cutting-edge is honed or replaced on a dental tool (e.g., calculus-removal instrument).
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Cooky's sharpening his knife for Hump," was being whispered about among the sailors, and some of them twitted him about it.
Mugridge menaced with the knife he was sharpening for me.
Whet, whet, whet,--Humphrey Van Weyden sharpening his knife in a ship's galley and trying its edge with his thumb
He thought of the times he had seen the brother and sister together in deep converse over one of his own old college books; now, in the rimy mornings, when he made those sharpening pilgrimages to Cloisterham Weir; now, in the sombre evenings, when he faced the wind at sunset, having climbed his favourite outlook, a beetling fragment of monastery ruin; and the two studious figures passed below him along the margin of the river, in which the town fires and lights already shone, making the landscape bleaker.
James, the cat, who had come down from the roof of the outhouse, was sharpening his claws on a neighbouring tree.
Of course you'll say so,' replied Fledgeby, sharpening, the moment his interest was touched by another.
I could have screamed with ecstasy when I dined alone with some fine roaring fellow, to think how pale he would have turned, and how fast he would have run, if he had known that the dear friend who sat close to him, sharpening a bright, glittering knife, was a madman with all the power, and half the will, to plunge it in his heart.
This she placed before the small servant, ordering her to sit down before it, and then, taking up a great carving-knife, made a mighty show of sharpening it upon the carving-fork.
Once inside, you see skilled workers sharpening the large knife blades with welders and heavy industrial machinery, highlighting the precision and efficiency of this innovation.
For some, sharpening a knife ranks somewhere between going to the dentist and mowing the lawn.
It comes with five, 9-inch alumina ceramic sharpening elements, with medium and fine rods designed to repair plain-edged blades.