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Dental preparatory procedure in which a cutting-edge is honed or replaced on a dental tool (e.g., calculus-removal instrument).
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To test the Darex sharpened drills, they were run along with drills Weber had sharpened on other equipment it describes as "high-priced and labor-intensive." The performance of the sharpened drills was judged by hole size and surface finish.
As you sharpen the beveled side, a tiny burr of metal rolls up over the cutting edge.
Sharpen Technologies is a customer experience technology provider that offers mid-size to large organizations an agent-first omnichannel cloud contact center platform.
Sharpen Technologies is a customer experience technology provider that offers a cloud-native, agent-first, omni-channel contact center platform.
The Logic and Action bots make use of Sharpen's application programming interfaces to access data from communications streams, ticketing systems, CRM systems, and other third- party databases.
These should be cleaned and sharpened before putting them to bed for the winter.
"We've used Sharpen to route overflow calls to branch staff," Dean said.
Sharpen's call routing capabilities have led to additional benefits.
(If you have a specialized Asian-style knife that's only beveled on one side, you obviously only need to sharpen and hone on one side.) You also need to make sure you hone the entire length of the edge, several times on each side.
For hunting knives, sharpen the blade at an angle of about 22 degrees; this doesn't create