sharp objects

sharp ob·jects

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Doctors in India are in utter shock to find sharp objects in a woman's legs who claims that needles, pins and syringes have been appearing in her limbs since 2012.
In Knowsley, young people were admitted to hospital nine times in 2016/17 due to assaults with sharp objects, compared to seven times in 2015/16, making up 33% of the 27 admissions in total last year.
In Solihull, young people were admitted to hospital six times in 2016/17 due to assaults with sharp objects, compared to less than five times in every other year since 2012/13, making up 40 per cent of the 15 admissions in total last year.
Officers will be encouraging people to surrender their knives or sharp objects without fear of prosecution.
5) Containers, tanks and accessories for disposal of needles, knives and other sharp objects (30 Unit)
More than 600 other sharp objects, including scissors, corkscrews and screwdrivers were confiscated over the three-year period.
BORETOUGH is designed to withstand damage from sharp objects, harsh environments, and high-powered pipe pulling equipment during rigorous installations
There are many potential hidden hazards, including very cold temperatures, underwater vegetation, potential hidden currents and rubbish such as glass and other sharp objects.
Dubai Dubai Police are strengthening their efforts to eliminate the problem of minors carrying blades and sharp objects with three youngsters being arrested recently for carrying sharp knives and razors.
stow-and-go Memory Tech Speed Seat that can be accessed and put away quickly with just a flip, the comfortable, three-layer seat has a closed cell foam bottom layer for protection against sharp objects, an open cell foam middle layer to support weight and a memory foam top layer to be sure your sits are comfortable when that mack-daddy gobbler comes running in.
Vladimir Spidla, the EU's employment commissioner, said that "in the worst-case scenario, injuries from sharp objects can cause infections and lead to illnesses, such as viral hepatitis or AIDS.
PINTS of beer and sharp objects might not normally be a recipe for a good night out - but it is when Phil "The Power" Taylor is in town.