sharp cutting edge

sharp cut·ting edge

(shahrp kŭting ej)
Fine line formed by pointed junction of instrument face and lateral surface.
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Sharpening stone selection is crucial to obtaining an optimally sharp cutting edge while retaining the instrument's original shape.
Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, tonight, 8pm Love Bombs and Apples A comic and poignant work from award winning playwright Hassan Addulrazzak (Baghdad Wedding, The Prophet), this one-man play is extremely funny with a sharp cutting edge for today's multicultural Britain.
Cutting tools ground using a CCW strategy are characterized by a sharp cutting edge which can more easily penetrate the material due to less cutting resistance.
Winger Swift provided a sharp cutting edge in a topsyturvy contest that saw major shifts in momentum.
The American College of Nurse Practitioners awarded Ryan the 2007 Nancy Sharp Cutting Edge Award in recognition of her service to increase the visibility of nurse practitioners and to enhance the lives of patients, her Linked In page notes.
He may not bring a razor sharp cutting edge to the team, but that may have more to do with the way Wales use him rather than any individual weakness.
But a honing steel isn't hard to use and is perfect for restoring a sharp cutting edge to your knives.
When grain and hay crops were harvested with a scythe, a sharp cutting edge was of prime importance.
Armitage also offered England a sharp cutting edge from deep, which they missed during the autumn as first Ugo Monye and then Mark Cueto stood in at full-back.
The Owls have had no luck with injuries in recent months but a new manager could give them fresh impetus and their highly-rated leading scorer, Marcus Tudgay, gives them a sharp cutting edge.
Made with durable zirconium oxide, the Todco Advanced Ceramics Knives have blades with a diamond-strength hardness and a long-lasting sharp cutting edge.
The arch-shaped edge is multiple-angled on both sides, providing more metal to support the sharp cutting edge.