shared decision

shared de·ci·sion

(shārd dĕ-sizh'ŏn)
A health care determination discussed and agreed on by members of the health care team. In this structure, the responsibility for the decision is placed equally on all members of the team.
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Family physicians increasingly recognize the importance of shared decision making, where the patient and provider work together to make a health care decision.
Part I of this series reviewed background literature and considered descriptions of shared decision making, including the process and outcomes (Truglio-Londrigan, 2016).
For more information about shared decision-making, please see the Dartmouth Hitchcock Center for Shared Decision Making: med.
To identify differences in the participants' psychological processes according to their preference in decision-making (active, collaborative or passive), a MANCOVA was performed, where age, educational level and treatment time were controlled, as they had previously shown to be correlated with preference in shared decision making.
They cover basic reliability theory and models, fundamentals of binary decision diagrams, applying binary decision diagrams to binary-state systems, phase mission systems, multi-state systems, fault tolerant systems and coverage models, and shared decision diagrams.
Shared decision making between doctors and patients for the treatment of acute respiratory infections can achieve significant short-term reductions in antibiotic use, according to a Cochrane review published Nov.
It is a shared decision between three parties, if we include PSG.
In order to reach a shared decision, it is important to know the literature, but it is also fundamental to consider that even documents like AGREE II (12) and GRRADE (13) were still under a lot of pressure to take in consideration practices that do not embrace the concepts of quaternary prevention.
Darren Flynn, practitioner psychologist at Newcastle University's Institute of Health and Society, has been working on a film about Shared Decision Making (SDM) in mental health care.
18] Another excellent reference, from the Kings Fund, is 'Making shared decision making a reality: No decision about me, without me'.

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