shared decision

shared de·ci·sion

(shārd dĕ-sizh'ŏn)
A health care determination discussed and agreed on by members of the health care team. In this structure, the responsibility for the decision is placed equally on all members of the team.
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"Efforts to promote shared decision making and support providers in discussing the risks and benefits of RAI use are warranted to reduce the overtreatment of thyroid cancer," the authors write.
Direct vaccination remains the best available tool to help prevent against pneumococcal disease and the revised recommendation emphasizes the importance of the health care professional and patient relationship in shared decision making regarding vaccination," said Luis Jodar, Pfizer Vaccines, Chief Medical and Scientific Affairs Officer at Pfizer.
Dayaratna noted that the concept of "shared decision making" is often misunderstood to mean that patients are provided with information about options and then they make a choice.
I feel you and your surgeon should make a shared decision otherwise you'll be unhappy with the outcome.
The IPE activity aimed to train students on providing care related to smoking cessation in a collaborative and integrative manner focusing on role clarification, inter-professional communication and shared decision making.
Given the conflicting findings, there is a need for shared decision making in primary care settings when providers pre-screen patients.
Shared decision making to improve care and reduce costs.
He describes the ability to use shared decision making and collaborative exploration to help patients approach the daunting task of deciding whether it is a good idea to put a medicine inside their bodies, and if they already do, whether it is a good idea to continue.
Shared decision making (often referred to as SDM) allows a clinician and
Both practice the concept of shared decision making, and welcome feedback from their consumers to improve the quality of their service.
Family physicians increasingly recognize the importance of shared decision making, where the patient and provider work together to make a health care decision.