shared decision

shared de·ci·sion

(shārd dĕ-sizh'ŏn)
A health care determination discussed and agreed on by members of the health care team. In this structure, the responsibility for the decision is placed equally on all members of the team.
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Boehringer Ingelheim launches 4WARD Coalition Conversation Cards, a shared decision making tool designed to facilitate informed discussions between healthcare providers and their atrial fibrillation (AFib) patients
It is a shared decision between three parties, if we include PSG.
Prudent prescribing encourages shared decision making with patients, clear advice about the risks and bene-fits, and the safe use of medicines with a strong reporting culture where adverse reactions are recorded and lessons learned.
Darren Flynn, practitioner psychologist at Newcastle University's Institute of Health and Society, has been working on a film about Shared Decision Making (SDM) in mental health care.
18] Another excellent reference, from the Kings Fund, is 'Making shared decision making a reality: No decision about me, without me'.
A 32-minute video, free on the Internet, from the Shared Decision Making Foundation can be used to start this process.
Caring for Children Who Have Severe Neurological Impairment promotes shared decision making between family caregivers and healthcare providers and details all aspect of medical care, from handling pain and feeding problems to respiratory issues.
From medication reconciliation to shared decision making, the nurse is at the forefront of keeping patients safe and becoming partners in helping them understand potential medical procedures and treatments.
Shared decision making and sustained behavioral changes are two areas of care that can be incorporated into existing practices to improve care and ultimately patient outcomes.
He describes solutions to the problem, such as open medical records, family-centered care, patients informing other patients, shared decision making, using cameras to raise quality, a new medical culture, and hospital outcome reports.
Five Patient Decision Aids have been established online by the national Shared Decision Making Programme 'supporting patients to have more say in their healthcare.
Decision aids are tools that can help make shared decision making practical in the busy world of day-to-day medical practice, where we have limited time to talk to patients.