shaoyin (sōw yin),

n in Chinese medicine, one of the six principle meridians through which the vital force qi flows; further subdivided into yin division (kidney), and yang division (heart). The balance of yin and yang components and the proper flow of qi in an individual indicate sound health. See also qi, tai yang, shao yang, yang ming, shao yin, and jue yin.
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Speaking on behalf of the company, Shaoyin Wang, CEO of China America Holdings, commented, "We are extremely pleased to have renewed our agreement with FAW-Mazda.
China America CEO Shaoyin Wang stated, "We are extremely pleased to sign this supplier agreement, and look forward to our business relationship with Shanghai 3F.
Commenting on the contract Shaoyin Wang, CEO of China America Holdings, stated, "Aohong is pleased to renew its supply agreement with FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co.