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a cleaning agent, usually liquid, for hair; usually consists of a detergent and perfume. Some, usually referred to as medicated shampoos, contain therapeutic substances such as parasiticides, antimicrobials, ketatolytic agents, and antiseborrheic compounds such as selenium sulfide.

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Q. Does using hair shampoo and conditioner too often or in too excess cass hair loss?

A. Chemicals used for dying, tinting, bleaching, straightening or permanent waves can cause hair to become damaged and break off if they are overused or used incorrectly. Overstyling and excessive brushing also can cause hair to fall out if the hair shaft becomes damaged.
so it really depends on which shampoo you are using and what are the materials inside it. i heard from more then one hair dresser that conditioner can cause it and shampoo for dry hair that also contains conditioner. but it could be just an urban legend...

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Tar products and medicated shampoos are recommended for people with scalp psoriasis.
The new shampoo range also effectively helps in strengthening the roots, thereby promoting hair growth of up to three centimetres within three months, a statement said.
Don't confuse sodium lauryl sulfate with the mild detergent sodium laureth sulfate, which is widely used as a water softener and in baby and other nonirritating shampoos as a wettener and cleansing ingredient.
For starters, try the Aveeno Active Naturals Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo.
While it acts similarly to a dry shampoo, the foam can wash out grease and styling products and is alcohol and paraben free, and not tested on animals.
In 2011, after deciding that the price for her dry shampoo in salons was too high, Sanderson decided to debut under her own logo.
This smells pleasant, although I may have needed a little more than my usual shampoo to get good lather.
The Shampoo Shield alleviated my child's worries and made bath time fun again.
Table 3: Italy - Shampoo & Conditioners: Retail market segmentation by value (m EUR) (2011 - 2012)
CHICAGO -- Launches of dry shampoo have risen dramatically, according to research from Mintel.
Apply shampoo by working in the direction the hair grows.
Among the more uncommon shampoos is the dry shampoo that contains no water.