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a cleaning agent, usually liquid, for hair; usually consists of a detergent and perfume. Some, usually referred to as medicated shampoos, contain therapeutic substances such as parasiticides, antimicrobials, ketatolytic agents, and antiseborrheic compounds such as selenium sulfide.

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Q. Does using hair shampoo and conditioner too often or in too excess cass hair loss?

A. Chemicals used for dying, tinting, bleaching, straightening or permanent waves can cause hair to become damaged and break off if they are overused or used incorrectly. Overstyling and excessive brushing also can cause hair to fall out if the hair shaft becomes damaged.
so it really depends on which shampoo you are using and what are the materials inside it. i heard from more then one hair dresser that conditioner can cause it and shampoo for dry hair that also contains conditioner. but it could be just an urban legend...

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The best carpet shampooers also feature an optional 4" wide tool for cleaning fabric cubicles, furniture, and more.
The new carpet shampooers support variable pressures ranging from no pressure all the way up to 34.
Also on tap at the show are three moedls of the Carpet Shampooer, each of which has the Power Pump feature.
The three-model Shampooer line is available in three colors: silver, yellow and magenta.
The XPC-9200-250 carpet cleaning equipment and carpet shampooer is designed without a heating apparatus, which reduces the cost and weight of the machines.
Professional licensure and regulation originated with the "learned professions" like law and medicine, but today states regulate everything from manicurists and shampooers (Tennessee), florists (Louisiana), and auctioneers (Florida).
manufacturers, rainmakers, reptile catchers, shampooers, (46) sheep
6 stations, 1 facial station, 5 stylists, 1 nail tech, 2 shampooers.
For example, the median annual wage for shampooers was $18,510, and the wage for industrial-organizational psychologists was $80,330.
69) States, large and small, have occupational licensing requirements for dozens of professions including locksmiths, beekeepers, auctioneers, interior designers, fortune tellers, tour guides, and shampooers.
8) Some recent additions to the list of professions requiring licenses include locksmiths, (9) beekeepers, (10) auctioneers, (11) interior designers, (12) fortune tellers, (13) tour guides, (14) and shampooers.