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The suggestion of the shamefulness of all human endeavor ("yet again ashamed / no matter where they have been"), however compelling the evidence Sea Change rallies to support it, seems finally less a bracingly clear-eyed judgment than the abdication of moral discernment.
Table manners and digestive problems in Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks are reviewed in the light of Georg Simmel's 'Soziologie der Mahlzeit', and lead on, via music chambers in the Wilhemine Empire and the shamefulness of young Torless, to the semiotics of bodily dirt in the Federal Republic and generational conflict in the Third Reich and the GDR.
For their part, Gumbel's colleagues feared that the controversy over his remarks could "tremendously damage [the] dignity of the University." (60) In the words of a sympathetic reporter, they still viewed the Great War as "something sacred, something idealistic, and this despite [the fact that] the war and its consequences, [namely,] the Inflation [sic], have left them materially deprived." (61) "They shriek," the reporter noted, "about an insult to the new God, war, as soon as someone openly attempts to show them the true face of war, its shamefulness, its dishonesty." (62)
Biblical and puritanical injunctions about the shamefulness of nakedness give the narrator morally grounded justification for his revulsion at the unclothed body.
degree of shamefulness normatively attributed to its subject matter.
Another category deserves a mention, if only for its utter shamefulness - those morning programmes where the dysfunctional, many-earringed
And the shamefulness of the part of our history which led to that landmark act still resounds today.
(6) The need for modesty is reflected in the concept of tahashum (shamefulness and self-control), which requires modest, traditional dress for girls and women alike.
The shamefulness, in other words, grows in significance as first it is seen by the inner community of the holy man and then by the rest of the world, effectively demonstrating that whether in the home or away from it, one cannot get away with such nasty tricks.
I hope one day the British government and their US partners will realise the shamefulness of sanctions and the pain they cause to innocent Africans who are being punished for claiming their land back which they lost more than 100 years ago.
So did those of countries whose governments had played roles of varying degrees of shamefulness in the farce of 'non-intervention'.
It is only a highly specialized and profoundly questionable characterization of 'reality' that could lead people to doubt the reality of badness, shamefulness or goodness in the world.