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Point or location thought to contain an electromagnetic force indicating the state of the body. Term is used by practitioners of Reiki.
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Gifts, courtesy of Mrs Marroum and of Abu Shakra for Gifts, were also distributed to all participating guests.Director General of KHCF, HH Princess Dina Mired, thanked Marroum for organizing the event and for her continuous support to the Foundation.
Our reporter later said that the arrest warrant against Douleimy was issued by the Military Investigative Judge, Najat Abu Shakra, who also issued an arrest warrant in absentia against the husband, Kamal Mohammad Khalaf, Palestinian.
Nada Abu Shakra from Palestine, another AUS graduate and third place winner of the Shaikha Manal Award told Gulf News that her passion towards design and aim to win a sound in the public world of Design inspired her to take part in the competition.
The suicide attacker detonated his booby-trapped car near the gate of the 115th Armored Army Brigade in the coastal town of Shakra, killing at least seven soldiers and injuring three others at the scene, the official said on condition of anonymity.
Pictured, from left, are EJ Powers, vice president of Montagne Communications and Building on Hope committee member; Tracy Vermeulen, Home Depot Pro department supervisor; Karen Van Der Beken, senior vice president, Easter Seals N.H.; Emily Shakra, co-chair of Building on Hope.
By Sherin Abou Shakra, Jordan/Denmark/Lebanon, 2007, 25 min "Once Upon a Time" -- Short Narrative By Shady Al Anany, Egypt, 2008, 4 min "Foam" -- Short Doc.
The fund is entirely compliant with the laws of the Islamic Shariah as approved by the independent Shariah board for Islamic funds marketed by NBK in Kuwait comprised of Shaikh Khalid Mathkor Al-Mathkor, Shaikh Essa Zaki Shakra, and Shaikh Abdul Aziz Khalifa Al-Qassar, stated Al Fulaij.
Abu Shakra, Barakat win* Rider Omar Abu Shakra remains in the lead after the 5th round of the summer season's equestrian tournament that took place last week at the Arabian Horse club.
Eyad Abu Shakra is managing editor of Asharq Al-Awsat, where this article is also published.
Military Investigative Judge Najat Abou Shakra said one of the most prominent of those being tried included Imad Jomaa, who was the commander of Liwa' Fajr al-Islam in Syria (Dawn of Islam Brigade), and whose arrest sparked the Arsal battle.
A number of the ISIS terrorists were killed by the army during an operation on their dens in al-Salaliya, Ward Shakra and al-Batrol in Hasaka southern countryside.