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1. A passive large-amplitude vibratory movement used in massage.
2. A vibratory technique used in chest physical therapy to facilitate pulmonary drainage.


n massage technique of holding and loosely, rhythmically moving a muscle mass or area of the body. Also called
rhythmic mobilization.

Patient discussion about shaking

Q. how do you know if you have early onset of alzheimers? i'm 47. i do have extreme tremors at times and memory l i was told this could be what i have by a psychiatrist. What else can cause me to have these symptoms at my age and how do i know?

A. any time ;)

Q. Should I go for the knife? I have essential tremor for many years, and in the last few years it seems nothing helps it, and although I tried all the drugs my doctor could offer me, nothing helps. It really ruins my life, and recently I read about a surgery that suppose to treat it, called thalamotomy- does anyone know anything about it?

A. It's a possibility, and considered effective (reducing tremor in most of the patients). However, it has quite serious side effects, that can result even in weakness of some parts of your body. You should think really good before you opt for this treatment. Good luck!

Q. How do you tell between temporal shaky hands and parkinson disease? My dear granpa's hands are being a bit shaky lately. I was wondering if I should worry about Parkinson's disease or is it most likely to be something else? How to tell? are there other symptoms for Parkinson's?? Any help...

A. The tremor (shaking body parts) of Parkinson disease appears during rest of the limb and disappears or weakens during active movement. Additionally, Parkinson's disease cause walking problems and slow movements.

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The scientists, led by Dr Christian Schloegl, from the University of Vienna, wrote in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences: "We found compelling evidence for the ability of African grey parrots to use noise created during the shaking of containers to detect hidden food.
Hand shaking between genders has become a common gesture around the world, especially in business circles.
Columnist Daoud al-Shiryan of the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT suggested on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia should not refrain from shaking the hands of Israeli officials.
Sudden changes in camera angle can cause significant blur in images taken during standard shooting, whereas blur caused by shift-based shaking, when a camera moves parallel to the subject, is more pronounced in macro and other close-up photography.
Items on my window sill were shaking, almost falling over.
We know it's good to meditate, but we've overlooked the healing power of ecstatic shaking .
The researchers installed hundreds of sensors in the home, including 75 sensors to monitor the accelerations caused by the shaking and 125 to measure how far various parts of the structure moved back and forth.
When shaking a vodka martini, I am doing three things to it (referred to as bruising) -- making it very, very cold; diluting it about 23 to 24 percent with water (from the ice); and aerating it.
Strong shaking for that surprisingly long interval would threaten many of the city's aging landmarks.
Presented in ten- to fifteen-minute segments on sixteen monitors, the individual actions are often hilariously absurd (witness the determined shaking received by a plastic fern) while the overall ambiance, with its ever-shifting combinations of sound, more seriously revives the chance-dependent Cageian aesthetics of those early productions.
The Swiss alpine climber, Erhard Loretan, has been given a four month suspended sentence for shaking his baby son to death.
DOCTORS in Coventry are worried by a rising tendency for babies to be shaken by their parents or carers, which they blame on a mistaken belief that shaking is less harmful than smacking.