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a long slender part, such as the diaphysis of a long bone.
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, pl.


(dī-af'i-sis, -sēz), [TA]
An elongated rodlike structure, as the part of a long bone between the epiphysial extremities. The shaft of a long bone, as distinguished from the epiphyses, or extremities, and apophyses, or outgrowths.
Synonym(s): shaft [TA]
[G. a growing between]
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1. An elongated rodlike structure, such as the midsection of a long bone.
2. The section of a hair projecting from the surface of the body.
3. The main axis of a feather, especially its distal portion.
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The cylindrical part of penis between the scrotum and head.
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(shaft) [TA]
An elongated rodlike structure, as the part of a long bone between the epiphysial extremities.
Synonym(s): diaphysis [TA] .
[A.S. sceaft]
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(shaft) [TA]
An elongated rodlike structure.
Synonym(s): diaphysis [TA] .
[A.S. sceaft]
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When Robin was a youth of eighteen, stout of sinew and bold of heart, the Sheriff of Nottingham proclaimed a shooting match and offered a prize of a butt of ale to whosoever should shoot the best shaft in Nottinghamshire.
As he sat speculating on the nature and uses of this strange passage and its terminal shaft, the moon topped the opening above, letting a flood of soft, silvery light into the shadowy place.
"Lady," he said, "pray accept this little pledge from a poor stroller who would devote the best shafts in his quiver to serve you."
``Sith it be no better,'' said Locksley, ``I am content to try my fortune; on condition that when I have shot two shafts at yonder mark of Hubert's, he shall be bound to shoot one at that which I shall propose.''
"Whatever they're up to," answered Tom, "the time has come when we can dig at the place where we can hope for results." And the following day shafts were started in the shadow of the mountain.
Again Nikita tugged at the shaft on his side, and Vasili Andreevich did the same on the other.
The shaft horse swayed from side to side, moving his ears as if asking: "Isn't it time to begin now?" In front, already far ahead the deep bell of the sleigh ringing farther and farther off, the black horses driven by Zakhar could be clearly seen against the white snow.
Closer and closer to the black shaft the ship sped.
It was the only vessel that stood in our way, but at the rate that it was traveling it would come between us and the shaft in plenty of time to thwart our plans.
My shaft was drawn back its full length--my eye had centered its sharp point upon the left breast of my adversary; and then he launched his hatchet and I released my arrow.
In my right leg is a burning pain; and from the flesh, protruding head and shaft from either side, is an arrow of the Fire-Man.
Seeing where the head of the monster was, the two men ventured a little further forward, and saw that the hidden mass at the base of the shaft was composed of vast coils of the great serpent's body, forming a base from which the upright mass rose.