shaft of tibia

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shaft of tib·i·a

the triangular body of tibia between its expanded proximal and distal ends.
Synonym(s): corpus tibiae [TA], body of tibia
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Simple fractures of shaft of Tibia were found in 56 patients and 16 patients presented with open fractures.
Bhandari M, Guyatt GH, Swiontkowski MF, Schemitsch EH, Treatment of open fracture of the shaft of tibia.
The tibia was oriented along the axis of the tunnel and fixed to the inferior of the machine with help of transfixing steinmann pin in the shaft of tibia (fig3).
DISCUSSION: Fracture shaft of tibia is the most common fractures seen in casualty department by orthopaedic surgeon.
We still have long way to go before the best method of treating a fracture of the shaft of tibia can stated with finality-Sir John charnley, 1961.
3-6) It is very useful technique in the treatment of closed, Grade I and Grade II compound fracture shaft of tibia in emergency where the image intensifier is not available especially at area hospitals& rural hospitals where the facilities are still lagging.
The most common location of fracture was middle 3rd shaft of tibia (50%) and most common type was Open Grade 2(52%) fracture according to Gustilo-Anderson classification in current study.
Anterior posterior (AP) and lateral radiographs of the ankle showed a radiolucent lesion occupying the complete medial malleolus; posterior malleolus with distal end of shaft of tibia involvement.
Fractures in the middle 1/3 of the shaft of tibia were the commonest consisting 36(64%) out of 56 cases.
The shaft of Tibia was opened between the columns like a book and we could remove both V nails simultaneously successfully.
Palpation of bones in the extremities and fingers were normal except a bony prominence nodular in character was seen in the middle of the shaft of tibia.
Delayed union, non-union and infection are relatively frequent complications especially after open fractures of the shaft of tibia.