shaft of radius

shaft of ra·di·us

the triangular body of the radius located between the expanded proximal and distal extremities of the bone.
Synonym(s): corpus radii [TA], body of radius
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Owing to all these facts, Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) is considered as the best mode of treatment for the fractures of shaft of Radius and Ulna, even if fractures are reduced closely
As stated by chapman et al, (9) we fixed in all adults with displaced fractures of the shaft of radius and ulna with more than 10 degree of angulations' or with subluxation of the proximal or distal radio-ulnar joint.
Body of shaft of radius consists of 3 surfaces and 3 borders.
Joint spanning monoplanar JESS frame was applied with 2 Schanz screws in shaft of radius and 2 Schanz pins in 2nd metacarpal shaft at 60 degrees to the coronal plane.