shaft of femur

shaft of fe·mur

the cylindric shaft of the thigh bone.
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The medial and lateral borders are rounded, whereas the posterior border forms a rough crest which is known as linea aspera.1 Most of the shaft of femur is smooth and rounded and provides origin to extensors of knee except posteriorly where linea aspera provides aponeurotic attachment for the adductors of the thigh.
Fracture of shaft of femur is a catastrophic event with an age and gender related bimodal distribution and occurs frequently in young men after high energy trauma and in elderly woman after a low energy fall.
Regarding the middle shaft of femur fractures, there were 50 fractures between 9-15 cm above the knee joint and 200 fractures between 16-25 cm, which is the most common site, while there were 53 fractures between 26-35 cm.
X-ray of right thigh was taken and it showed fracture shaft of femur at distal third with cannulated screws in situ, which were used for epiphysiodesis (Figure 2).
The skin incision was taken at lateral aspect of shaft of femur starting from level of trochanter major and continuing distally to level of patella.
Background: Fractures of shaft of femur are a major cause of morbidity and mortality.
Objective: To determine the frequency of complications in fractures shaft of femur managed by close antegrade intramedullary interlocking nail.
Planned External Fixation to locked Intramedullary Nailing conversion for open fractures of shaft of femur and tibia.
Analgesia in patients with fractured shaft of femur. Anaesthesia 1977; 32:576-577.
Forty had sustained a fractured neck of femur and four a fractured shaft of femur. The 40 with fractured necks of femur were analysed.
Ehtisham, "Traumatic dislocation of hip joint with fracture of shaft of femur on the same side, " The Journal of Trauma, vol.
The angle of femoral neck anteversion was determined by measuring the angle between the long axis of the neck of femur in horizontal plane and the transverse retrocondylar line taken as the plane of the axis of shaft of femur in coronal plane.