shaft of femur

shaft of fe·mur

the cylindric shaft of the thigh bone.
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In this study, we intend to evaluate the functional and radiological outcome of diaphyseal fracture of shaft of femur treated with elastic intramedullary nail.
X-ray of right thigh was taken and it showed fracture shaft of femur at distal third with cannulated screws in situ, which were used for epiphysiodesis (Figure 2).
The skin incision was taken at lateral aspect of shaft of femur starting from level of trochanter major and continuing distally to level of patella.
Background: Fractures of shaft of femur are a major cause of morbidity and mortality.
Objective: To determine the frequency of complications in fractures shaft of femur managed by close antegrade intramedullary interlocking nail.
Planned External Fixation to locked Intramedullary Nailing conversion for open fractures of shaft of femur and tibia.
Analgesia in patients with fractured shaft of femur.
Forty had sustained a fractured neck of femur and four a fractured shaft of femur.
Ehtisham, "Traumatic dislocation of hip joint with fracture of shaft of femur on the same side, " The Journal of Trauma, vol.
During application of AO blade plate or dynamic condylar screw, the shaft of femur is often pulled laterally displacing the line of weight bearing, lateral to the anatomic axis of femur condyle.
The angle of femoral neck anteversion was determined by measuring the angle between the long axis of the neck of femur in horizontal plane and the transverse retrocondylar line taken as the plane of the axis of shaft of femur in coronal plane.
Biceps femoris and vastus lateralis were reflected caudally and cranially respectively after excising intermuscular septum between these muscles to expose shaft of femur.